Here's what parents and campers have to say about Opportunity Tribe:

"It's the best program ever."
"Go for it!"
"My kids love it."
"You should definitely send your child! I 100% would recommend it."
"It's life changing."
"It's the best decision I've made."
“Please tell all the people who make Op Camp happen thank you! I am a single father raising three girls and Op Camp has helped me and my family more than you will ever know!”
“My daughter is more open to others and makes friends more easily.”
“Op Camp is a great place for kids because they have fun at the same time that they experience the love of Christ.”
“Your child will be in good hands.”
“My girls have been part of Op Camp for the last 8 years. I've seen improvement in their attitude and behavior since camp.”

Fun Club

Fun Clubs are the starting point for students in 2nd grade. Students must be recommended by their school counselor or teacher.

FUN Academy

Fun Academy is an intown, 5 week day camp for 3rd graders and older. With morning or afternoon sessions, your child will have fun learning!

Op Camp

Op Camp is a 6 day, stay-away camp for students who have completed 5th-8th grade. You must attend Fun Academy for 3 weeks to attend Op Camp.

Oaks Academy

Oaks Academy is a micro-school aimed to help struggling readers become confident learners. Started in response to the Covid pandemic.

Big Academy

Big Academy is for returning Jr. High students going into 7th & 8th grade. Sorry, no new students allowed at this age.

All Op Tribe programs are free to students!
Transportation may be requested but is not guaranteed.


Raising kids in Midland today is not easy. It’s expensive, frustrating and too many kids think they hate learning.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Since 2002, Opportunity Tribe has mentored over 8,000 kids! Our summer camps and programs are free to you because Jesus first loved us and gave Himself for us.

Our process flips the script from frustrated readers to dynamic leaders! Check out what hundreds of parents are saying about Opportunity Tribe and our Facebook page. We are proud that 100% of our campers who serve on staff in High School graduate!

This is where your child is headed: future success! It may be hard to see now, but with God, all things are possible!

Fun Clubs

Fun Clubs are the starting point for students in 2nd -5th grade. Students must be recommended by their school counselor or teacher. Students are chosen because they have leadership potential but are in some kind of tough situation (incarcerated parent, tragedy, loss, etc).

Two happy kids and an adult

Fun Clubs are small groups that meet on campus during lunch each week. 1 adult mentors 4-5 great kids for 30 minutes. Starting in October and ending in April, students eat while the mentor reads a fun book. Then, they play games together. The time goes quickly and your child has a blast! Students participating in Fun Clubs are prioritized to attend Fun Academy.

FUN Academy

Fun Academy is for 3rd-6th grade students who are in Fun Clubs or have been recommended to attend by their school counselor or teacher. Fun Academy is an in-town, 5 week day camp in Midland, TX. Students meet in the morning or afternoon for 2 hour sessions. Your child can look forward to making new friends, swimming, growing as leaders in Christ and having lots of fun doing hands-on activities! Transportation may be requested.

*Must attend 10 days prior to Op Camp to participate in Op Camp.

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BIG Academy (7th-8th)

BIG Academy is only for students who have attended Op Camp previously. It’s an in-town, 5-week, FREE day camp during the summer for 7th & 8th graders. BIG Academy’s goal is to shape tomorrow’s leaders and cultivate relationships with peers, community leaders, and with God!
 *Must attend 1 day prior to Op Camp to participate in Op Camp. participate in Op Camp.

Fun Academy is the leading literacy day camp in Midland and has seen struggling readers gain 6 months of reading ability each summer for 7 straight years! Students participating in FUN Academy are prioritized to attend Opportunity Camp.

Everyone happy


Opportunity Camp, or Op Camp for short, is an amazing, free summer camp for 5th and 6th grade students from Midland. Since 2002, over 8,000 students have gone to Op Camp and had a blast! At Op Camp, your child begins to see how they can become a world changer.

Every year, about 250 campers travel to Heart of Texas Baptist camp for a great week of camp! Kids swim, play games, meet new friends, study the Bible, sing crazy camp songs, and so much more. Campers often describe Op Camp as the highlight of their summer.

We leave on Sunday after lunch and get back home on Friday afternoon. Once you have registered, we’ll send you all of the details of where, when, what to pack and what to expect.


What are you waiting for? Come and see what over 8,000 amazing kids have already discovered at Op Camp and Fun Academy. Sign up today! Registration is simple and you can apply on your mobile device. 


Please understand, Op Camp is by invitation only and your child can only apply when they’ve been part of Fun Clubs. Starting in 2019, 2nd — 4th grade students are invited to Fun Clubs and then Fun Academy. After knowing us for 3 years, 5th grade students are then invited to Op Camp.

Only Midland students who have been nominated by their school counselor or teacher are permitted to apply. If you wait until next year, it may be too late. Don’t let opportunity pass you by.


Since 2002, Opportunity Tribe has been helping great kids succeed through Op Camp. For over 20 years, the United Way of Midland has been generous supporters of Op Camp because they SEE THE RESULTS. Kids come back from camp happier, more confident and ready to take on their challenges. Not only that, but EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL has sent kids to Op Camp! Your school counselor can tell you all about it.

If you are like most parents…

your child has never gone away to camp. You and your child are really nervous. But you can do this and they are ready for this!

This year is going to be our best year ever. We know that your child wants to have fun, eat great food, be with friends and swim. We know that you want them to be safe, be well taken care of and to be loved. We do that really well.

Our 1 counselor for every 2 campers is one of the best ratios you’ll find at ANY CAMP you can attend.

When your child returns home, they will be so happy to see you. They will have had an amazing camp experience and understand why Opportunity Tribe is so special to all of us. Op Camp is where the adventure goes to a whole new level for young leaders–but it doesn’t end there.

Our students go on to be leaders on their teams, at their school, in their church and in the community. Every child has great potential and our mission is to help UNLOCK IT!

Talk to your school Counselor about our reputation or check us out on Facebook!


Heart of Texas Baptist Camp:

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Fun Academy for current 3rd-6th graders

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Opportunity Camp for current 5th-6th graders

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Transition Camp for current 7th-8th graders

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Oaks Academy

Oaks Academy is a micro-school for 1st-6th grade students to help them catch up on their reading levels. Most students gain 2 years of reading skill every year in a small, faith based approach that integrates brain development, character growth and fun.

Email Mrs. Trisha to learn more.

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